Five Super Cheap Foods to get at Aldis

In this tough economy Americans have to find any and all ways of saving money on a day to day basis. With 47 million Americans on food stamps, buying cheap food that will last through the month is essential. The food card only contains about $200.00 if you’re unemployed so shop wisely.

We all know about cheap foods like ramen noodles, which you can buy six packs of for around $2.00 at Aldis, but this is extremely unhealthy and overloaded with carbohydrates. It’ll also expand the waistline. These are five of the cheapest of the cheap foods that are also healthy!

1. Green Beans – Cut/French Style – These will run you under 90 cents a can! What I do is just grab the trays, which carry nine of them. They’re not that tasty, but very nutritious. Each serving (two per can) contain only four carbohydrates. At my local store they are only 66 cents a can, and you can expect a similar price. I’ll buy four to five trays and it lasts me through the month.

2. Tuna – In oil/in water – The tuna at Aldis is high quality, and contains no carbs, being a meat. It’s low calorie, and extremely healthy. The trays of these carry about forty. The price is usually as low as 50 cents a can! The calorie count is 90 for in water and 150 for in oil. I usually grab one tray which lasts me a month and a half!

3. Eggs – Carton – Eggs are very healthy when prepared properly. Eggs contain 90 calories per egg, and no carbohydrates. The running price at Aldis is generally around $1.50. At times gas stations like Quik Twip will have lower prices for eggs, between 99 cents and $1.40 so consider that. A carton of 12 eggs tends to go a long way. I generally buy six to ten of these and they last me all month.

4. Turkey Dogs – 6 pack – Initially you could get these for around 99 cents a pop, but with economic conditions worsening they now run around $1.99 for a six pack. They are carbohydrate free and contain only 90 calories per serving. I’ll usually grab at least 10 of these and they’ll last me all month.

5. Raspberries/Blueberries/Blackberries – Depending on location, your local Aldis will have at least one of these three products for between $1.49 and $2.99 a pack. Fruit is extremely healthy and these three are all low in carbohydrates containing under 20 per serving. They are tasty, healthy, and cheap! I tend to buy five to ten of these and they’ll last me two to three weeks.

Others: Peas, sliced tomatoes, asparagus, frozen vegetables, sliced turkey, whole grain bread, canned corn, frozen chicken.

I know the temptation is to grab the sweets and high carbohydrate frozen products, but think again! Aldis is a great place to shop, but in these tough economic times it’s advisable to buy the cheapest products at the cheapest stores.


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