Team Life Pyramid Scheme in Wausau

A few weeks ago I had the extreme misfortune of being brought to a meeting for the “Team Life” program. The individual who had brought me refused to tell me anything about it, aside from the fact that it related to self help. Curious, I decided to go. The get together was located at one of the rooms at Dale’s Weston Lanes. For the next nearly four hours I was subjected to a cruel and intense mind numbing experience that ruffled my faith in humanity.

Yes, you guessed it: pyramid scheme. The speaker, a nicely dressed man went through the whole program in excruciating detail. I watched him carefully and listened as he used just about every sales technique possible to try to convince my fellow onlookers that this was everything they ever dreamed. A six figure income was only a few weeks away! The crowd would stand and applaud whenever it was mentioned that money had been made. The whole time I was trying to figure out what the catch was, the gimic. Eventually it seemed clear that the only thing that they wanted was the recruitment of more people into it. The speaker contradicted himself several times, saying first that if someone approached you about this you were special. Then in the second half offering the tip to “Come up to anyone, but don’t tell them what it’s about. If they keep asking, then just move on to the next.”

As the ordeal concluded I was then surrounded by the members as they attempted to pressure me into “reserving my seat” for the small fee of $49.99. I told them I needed to research it first. When I got home and researched, indeed I found Forbes magazine had named it a pyramid scheme. A scheme in which only 1% of those partaking actually made money. I was so appalled by the ordeal I decided to write this letter to inform my fellow citizens to avoid this scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal by United States law. I urge those reading to contact Dales Weston Lanes and request they discontinue hosting an illegal business scheme. The contact number for Weston Lanes is (715) 359-8488. Please support the integrity of our community and help remove this scam from our area.


One thought on “Team Life Pyramid Scheme in Wausau

  1. Justin, I am curious to know when this happened. We (wife & I) were recently presented with this same “business” opportunity, in our home. The presenter was NOT at all interested in us as people…

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