Old Earth Evolution vs. Young Earth Creation

Old Earth Evolution vs. Young Earth Creation | A lopsided debate




I’ve certainly learned a great deal about the ongoing debate between young earth creationism and old earth evolution.  I’m just finishing up a semester of study on the topic, at Liberty University. I’ve also learned some about old earth creationism in independent study.  

My first question directed toward this complex issue would be, “Can I get a balanced view from an unbiased observer?”  

Unfortunately there don’t seem to be any.  Christians are influenced by the Bible and God, and it’s good and right that we are.  On the other side you have men and women claiming to be unbiased, but in fact they are either directly and consciously or unconsciously influenced by a philosophy prior to the conclusion, that of secular humanism, materialism or outright atheism.  Or what the late Christopher Hitchens called his anti-god view.  At least Hitchens was honest, and Hitchens also said that the one thing that gave his atheism a certain amount of pause was the anthropic principle.  Scientists tend to find it very difficult to ignore the fine tuning in the universe.  
But they find ways to ignore fine tuning.  Somehow they do.  They postulate multiple universes, multiple big bangs, and we just happen to be in the one universe that happens to be ideal.  It’s like there’s a giant arrow the size of the universe pointing to a giant billboard with flashing lights marked “GOD.” And they see the sign, and then draw a little squiggly line into infinite darkness covering their eyes in willful ignorance.  It’s entirely intellectually dishonest.  Einstein didn’t want it, but in the end he had to accept the idea of intelligent design, though he did refuse the idea of a personal god instead favoring a pantheistic view.
On a side note, I’ve been meaning to contact the Institute for Creation Research because there are some things on the internet that deeply concern me.  Mainly my concern is with the articles on Wikipedia for “Young Earth Creationism” and “Objections to Evolution.”  Both articles are harshly biased, obviously written by staunch atheists.  It’s disturbing because so many millions of young people use Wikipedia as their fact source.  I’m wondering if some Christians who also interact on Wikipedia might be willing to go in and edit those two articles.  Anyone can edit articles on Wikipedia, but I’m not sure how personally.  

That brings up another issue: If atheists are so sure God doesn’t exist then why are they so hostile toward adherents of Christianity and our supposedly invisible God?  I don’t think I’ll ever get a good answer to that one.  I guess what I’m trying to point out is just how polarizing the debate is.
I can’t say I’ve firmly come down on either side of the debate.  I’ve recently read The Young Earth by John Morris.  It was an excellent text book on scientific evidence behind the young earth view. Regarding the dating of rocks I felt like Morris could’ve gone into further detail.  He showed how the tests are highly inaccurate, but never gave a clear explanation of why it should instead just be thousands of years.  Even if the various dating methods show a range between 1 million years and 2.2 billion years, still it’s coming up as at least 1 million years.  So why is that?  Are dating tests all entirely inaccurate?  Morris has made a great impact on my view of the age of the Earth.  

But I have many other influences, deeply reputable Christian men who believe in an old earth.  Mainly who comes to mind are people like Frank Turek and William Lane Craig.  Should I discount those views as wrong?  I’m not sure.  The topic needs more study. Youtube is a great source for video presentations on just such topics.  I intend to pursue the topic by watching speakers like Ken Ham, Frank Turek, Ravi Zacharias, Norman Geisler, JP Moreland, Os Guiness, and Francis Collins.  I’m sure I’ll learn a great deal.  I’m always grabbing good books on Amazon, so I’ll look there for more books on these topics.  I intend to keep the Morris book and use it to teach my children the view for their consideration.
Recently teaching of creationism was outlawed in the United Kingdom in their public school system.  Another question I have is this: Given that intelligent design is an entirely plausible conclusion based on scientific data alone, without any need for the Bible or religious views, then why can’t it be taught in public schools?

How can we get the creation view back in public schools?  Evolution and materialist philosophy being taught to 95% of the young people of the United States is absolutely decimating Christianity, it’s slaughtering it in the country. It’s also leading to all kinds of problems, the most noticeable being the economic problems which at their root seem to be caused by deceptive business practices in big business and banking.

Only materialistic evolution in public schools today.  That’s the locked gate that must, must, must be opened!  If at least to see intelligent design taught, that would be something.  It’s intellectually dishonest to exclude intelligent design along with the Bible.  It reveals a crooked and terrible plot to turn this nation into a depraved atheist hell hole.  That’s what’s happening.  And I’m not overstating anything, turn on the television, listen to some MTV music, and you’ll realize it’s much worse than most are willing to admit. 
The next area to breach is the college campuses.  Ironically most top colleges in the country were started by Christians, as Christian universities.  Harvard, Yale, and Princeton just to name a few.  Oh, but the evils of organized religion and on and on they rant..

The problem isn’t that there is a debate between the young earth and the old earth.  The problem is that there isn’t much of a debate.  One view is ejected and openly mocked, the other is taught as undisputed fact.  There is a word for such a practice, it’s called propaganda.  In my view it will take dedicated Christian truth warriors to take it upon themselves to be called to ministries of changing these terrible dynamics in the United States.  Otherwise all will be lost.  

Is that you?

I hope so.  Someone has to take up these tasks.  So why not you?  

As I’ve written recently, we need dedicated uncompromising, incorruptible Christians in vital areas of influence in the United States and the West overall if we’re going to stem the tide of atheism and depravity destroying the fabric of sustainable culture in the world.  

I hope it’s you who begins a mission today to change things.  It only takes one.  I’m just one man.  But this blog your reading has been read by over 23,000 in over 100 countries.  One person can change the entire course of history.  God uses the most unlikely people to change the course of the world.  Maybe he’s calling you to be one of his world changers, today

Old earth, new earth?  I couldn’t say with one hundred percent certainty.  What I can say with 100% certainly is that in the beginning God created.  

I will continue my diligent studies.  I will continue working tirelessly to see Christianity grow, and as a result; that as many as possible might meet and know Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins, the rebirth of their bankrupt souls, and the eternal life I so richly have been given; that I might bring as many as possible with me to the next phase of existence in intimate communion with the God of the Bible. 

May our God be with you, go in peace.


4 thoughts on “Old Earth Evolution vs. Young Earth Creation

  1. Please allow me to respond to your inquiry: “If atheists are so sure God doesn’t exist then why are they so hostile toward adherents of Christianity and our supposedly invisible God? I don’t think I’ll ever get a good answer to that one.”

    I do not agree with the hostility towards Christianity. But I do think I can offer some perspective as to why we challenge Christianity. It has to do with our observance of the harm that has been done in the name of Christianity… or more specifically the concept of “faith” in general. Faith has caused many people to act in ways they would not have acted had they not had faith. For some examples… consider these irrational acts that were committed by people driven by their faith:

    1). Planes crashed into the World Trade Center

    2). Several hundred thousand witches burned at the stake

    3). Southern slave owners using the Bible to justify slave ownership

    4). Westboro Baptist Church protesting military funerals

    Sure, we can point to atheists who have done bad things too. But that has little to do with the question your asking, since you’re wondering why atheists are hostile towards Christianity. But one thing is certain, those atrocities I pointed out above, would never have happened if those people did not have faith in something they cannot empirically prove. As the saying goes… Bad people will always do bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it requires faith.

    1. Thank you for your insightful response, and the points you’ve made indeed illustrate a very troubled world and the trouble that can be caused by mislead individuals within a certain faith system.

      Faith in general can indeed lead to much trouble. That is something the Christian faith would absolutely agree with. Christians like myself are quite troubled by the kind of faith militant Islam places in their religion, and the results of that, which often include such horrors as suicide bombing and the virtual enslavement of women across the middle east.

      1) Please allow me to respond to each of of your points of concern. The first point you made was regarding the attack on the world trade center buildings. Though the perpetrators of the attack on 9/11 were Islamic extremists, in researching the topic it seems clear that the attackers were attacking the United States not due to religious beliefs, but due to the USA’s interference in affairs in the middle east, most notably in Iran, Pakistan, Libya, and Afghanistan. The USA had outfitted islamic groups with weapons in the 1970s and 1980s to fight the Soviet Union, until it’s collapse. There is an excellent book that goes into this topic called: Blowback, The Costs and Consequences of American Empire by Chalmers Johnson. It seems clear that as a nation we were attacked by another nation in response to interferences in the past. I hope that helps.

      2) To your second proposition regarding the witch burnings and hangings and so on. I assume you’re referring to the salem witch trials, correct? If so, the death toll in that part of history regarding people murdered by religious extremists, I believe it was 19 total killed. Of course, tragic and horrible. But please, don’t take a small group of adherents to christianity and take their poor actions to mean that Christianity as a whole is always bad all the time.

      3) I recall reading about southern slave owners trying to justify slavery by quoting the Bible. I’ve seen some of the scriptures they tried to use. They reminded me of the scriptures the catholic church tried to use on my mom to get her to stay with my dad who was quite abusive. But when viewing the larger context of the scriptures, you see that it was simply an attempt to justify control and evil. People will always try to take books people take as an authority and manipulate them to suit their view. Imagine if someone quoted single sentences from darwin’s origin of the species. They could make it say whatever they wanted! It’s only in the careful study of an entire book, that one discovers the overall meaning and sees it mesh into a coherent worldview and system.

      4) Westboro baptist church is really a scary little group of pyschos. Let me be the first to say that. In fact recently I was debating someone of a similar adherence, he was trying to say that women needed to wear only dresses because of the old testament law. I was quoting him Acts chapter 15 which says that due to Jesus Christ and his victory on the cross in Acts chapter 15 the apostles met and prayed and it was set that new believers would not be required to follow the whole OT law, because Jesus Christ completed the requirement of the law on the cross. But on behalf of Christians everywhere, allow me to apologize for Westboro baptist church. Sometimes I wish I could close their doors personally, but the Bible tells me to pray for my enemies 😉

  2. I am sorry, but I think you are wrong a little bit: There is no “debate”. A debate would imply two equals discussing. But that’s not the case here. You have the choice of accepting science or you can choose to accept the very specific beliefs of a very specific group of Christians, that their god can only do his job as their limited imagination allows. Let me assure you, that evolution does have nothing to say about god at all, many, many, many Christians have no problem at all accepting scientific reality while believing that their god caused this reality.

    Is your god not wise enough to know everything from the beginning without having to continue to tinker with it to make it work? What god is more powerful, the one who starts a little spark, knowing perfectly well what will come from it – or the god who starts the fire, continues to meddle around with the fire, always working, always tinkering? Doesn’t the later god somehow sound… clueless, human even?

    There is no “creation science”. That’s an oxymoron, a contradiction in itself, simply because it’s not science, it doesn’t follow any scientific principle. It’s religion donning the guise of science to be allowed in school, nothing more. If you really start learning about evolution you will notice that there’s not one piece of evidence for it – there are thousands of it, while the one thing speaking ONE (of many, randomly choosen) interpretation of ONE translation (of many) of ONE (of many) holy book, written thousands of years ago by various people, compiled and edited, later, by completely other people.

    Sorry, no, there is no debate. There are some fundamentalist Christians who want their myths to be literally true (instead of metaphorically) and thus try everything to sound like science. You can choose to believe that – but these guys are not the ones who gave us the knowledge to build this computer you are sitting before now. These guys are not the ones who allowed us to understand the universe enough to put people on the moon. These guys are not the ones who showed us who to communicate with people on the other side of the earth in milliseconds. These guys are not the ones who found a cure for many diseases that killed millions when praying was the only known medicine. These guys only point at stuff and try to make it fit their world view, instead of looking at the world and trying to find out, what their world view SHOULD BE in the first place. Creationism means “knowing” what the truth is and then trying to make everything fit this “truth”. Science means having no clue but honestly trying to find out a little bit more, while always accepting that one could be wrong.

  3. “Einstein didn’t want it, but in the end he had to accept the idea of intelligent design, though he did refuse the idea of a personal god instead favoring a pantheistic view.”

    We all admire Einstein for his insights into physics, which have withstood experimental verification for many decades, but he also made key errors based on his unfounded pre-existing beliefs. One of them was the famous statement “God does not play dice”, which was a denial of the randomness inherent in quantum mechanics and quite false. In another instance, Einstein introduced a fudge factor called the Cosmological Constant (which he later admitted was his greatest mistake) to prevent the universe from collapsing under its own gravity and thus maintain the view that the universe was eternal. In both cases, an otherwise brilliant man was led astray by previously held orthodoxy rather than following the trail of the evidence.

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