24 Awesome Images to Share on Social Media

The internet is a wonderful thing.  It carries a lot of negative images and video, but it also offers itself as a unique public square to share the gospel, and encouragement.  Are you sharing the gospel on social media?  We’ve all got Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Pinterest, LinkedIn, DeviantArt, and many others.  Let’s utilize them to share the truth with a very troubled world, that desperately needs the truth.  Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen and grabbed over the past month or so, feel free to save and share on your social media accounts.  None of these belong to me, I’m simply sharing them.  Thanks!

Split into two categories, “sharing the light” images are positive inspirational images and “challenging the darkness” are truth, fact, and justice centered images.  Enjoy!

Sharing the Light:

Challenging the Darkness:


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