Mission: To bring independent-minded individuals to an autonomous connection to Jesus Christ. Given so much corruption in the modern church, the idea is to have a place online where people can cut out the middle man. At the end of the day it’s between You and Jesus. Nobody else. At the same time we are Bible believing Christians who want to follow a doctrinally sound path down the walk of faith. The Christian life is a journey, day by day, of becoming closer to God, loving God, and loving people.

Online Church Format: We post sermons, and would like to get a Bible Study going. As more staff joins we’ll get those things going. If you’d like to volunteer please let us know. We strongly encourage church members to have a physical church they attend on Sunday, in addition to being a part of Liberty Online Church. There is no substitute for a physical home church, but this may not always be possible.

Please feel free to discuss anything in the church group, but please be courteous, open, and friendly. We’re Christians after all!

Christ-based Ministry: Liberty Online Church, or LOC as we call it, is a Christ-based church. We center on the teaching of the Bible. We try to cut through all the doctrine, non-sense, and systems created by humanity. We look directly to the truth in the Bible for our teaching and application.

Short Term Goals: To build a group and website to strengthen and empower diverse people and political activists in the movement for Liberty. We aim to provide peace of mind and a perspective of eternal life with Christ to those burdened with the tough reality of this world. We accept all people who come to us, as long as they come humbly, willing to learn more.

Long Term Goals: We’d like to eventually someday have a physical church in the United States, and build on that bringing the message of Christ to as many as possible.  

Questions, concerns, or suggestions?  Email me at: justinsteckbauer@gmail.com


About the Author:

About: Justin Steckbauer is a Christian writer and apologist studying at Liberty University.  He has several published books, as well as myriads of articles, essays, defenses, and poetry in print/online around the globe.  Justin Steckbauer is a public speaker, but during his studies enjoys blogging and writing scholarly works.  He works at a Salvation Army Homeless shelter in his hometown as a Caseworker and AODA group leader.  He is twenty-nine years old and lives in a rustic home in north central Wisconsin with his dog Baelor.

Education: University of Wisconsin Ext (2004-2009)
Liberty University (2013-present)

Work: Intake/Case Worker/AODA at the Salvation Army Wausau Homeless Shelter

Volunteer Work: New Day Planning TeamNew Day Prayer Team, New Day Creative Team, The Edge Launch Team (past), Bible Study Leader (past)

Experience: Sharing testimony, leading Bible study, Church Planting, Event Coordinating, Serving, Journalism, Book writing, Public speaking in general.

Major Heroes from the Bible: Jesus Christ, Timothy, Apostle Paul, Jacob, Joshua, Gideon, John the baptist
Historical Christian Influences: Justin Martyr, Origen, Augustine, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, A.W. Tozer
Current Christian Influences: Aaron Winowiski, Ravi Zacharias, Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller, Francis Chan, John Piper, James MacDonald, Ed Hindson, William Lane Craig, Frank Turek, Ted Nelson, Dave Wager, Elmer Towns
Favorite Gospel: John
Favorite Book of the Bible: Romans, Revelation, Zechariah, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Psalms, Daniel, hard to name just one!
Favorite Scripture Verse: Hebrews 10:14 “For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”
Favorite Translation: The Message Translation (MSG) I use frequently, but as far as study/accuracy New International Version (NIV).  I like ESV, NLT, and NASB too.

General Theological Views:
Protestant or Catholic: Protestant
Armenian or Reformed: nope, Molinist
Complimentarian or Egalitarian: Undecided
Fundamental or Missional: Missional
Cessationist or Charismatic: Charismatic
Liberal or Conservative Theology: Conservative
Autonomous or Hierarchical: Autonomous
Pre, Post, or Mid Trib Rapture: Post
Old Earth or Young Earth: Undecided
Salvation: Gifted Grace through Faith alone, repentance required demonstrated by works, God preserves the connection but shipwrecked faith, loss of faith is possible given willful rejection resulting in eternal disconnection from God.

Side note: My view on theology in general is that as long as we both love Jesus and we’re exclusive on Jesus being the only way, then we need to strategically ignore our minor differences, and love and support each other in sharing the truth of Jesus, impacting our local cultures, and loving each other like Jesus said.



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