Appeal to Heaven


There is one recourse left for us, the patriots of the United States of America.  We are the children of the republic.  Our republic has been infested, by rats, and criminals in tuxedos with lots of money and power to influence Congress.  There is but one recourse remaining for us, just as there was one recourse remaining for the original colonists under the yoke of Britain.  We must appeal to heaven.

Dear and Holy Heavenly Father,

Hear our prayer.  Take up our cause.  You founded our nation from the blood of patriots and tyrants.  You forged a Christian nation as a light to the world.  Our great nation has been taken by the worst, and turned to ugly ends a-plenty.  Father, please, save our republic.  Save our country.  Save the USA.  Return our country to the Constitution.  Help us to hoist out the mounting corruption.  Help us to retake the academic institutions.  Help us to hoist the mega companies, mega bankers, and any hidden or mysterious societies that might seek covert control of your nation.

We beg you humbly Holy Father God of the universe, save the United States.  Restore the republic.  Restore the Constitution.  Restore hope to our people.  Raise up a generation of honorable men.  Give strength, humility, purity, and power to the incorruptible patriots minimized about the lands, and reclaim the nation for your purposes.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

PJ Appeal to Heaven Cover


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