Follow Jesus?

How do I become a Christian?

So you’ve looked at the arguments for God, the Bible, and Jesus.  You’ve decided there is enough evidence to take a leap of faith.  Or you just know in your heart there is a God, something bigger than you.  What’s next?

Christianity is about a personal relationship with God.  It’s about a reconciliation between one person, you, and God, through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  It’s like a romance, or a close friendship, or a father-son/father-daughter relationship.  It’s not about ritual or superstition.  The two most important parts of that relationship are prayer and Bible reading.  As a Christian I try to pray twice a day.  Sometimes I’ll say the “Our Father” but most often I’ll just get on my knees and talk to God.  It’s about communication and love.  Prayer is how I talk to God, but how does God talk back?  That’s where Bible reading comes in.  As I read the various books of the Bible, God will communicate through them to me.  Isn’t that cool?

So I would encourage you to find a Bible, a good understandable translation like the New International Version, the English Standard Version,  New Living Translation, or even something very contemporary like The Message Translation.  Read through the Gospel of John.  That is my favorite Gospel.  Luke, Mark, and Matthew are great too though!  The Psalms are great to read through, they are poetry about out wonderful God.  If you have trouble understanding exactly what’s being talked about, consider purchasing a quality Study Bible.  A Study Bible will include commentary and notes on the scriptures in front of you, to provide for better understanding of the Bible.

If you prefer to read on the computer, check out Bible Gateway.  You can go through the Bible in any translation you like.  There are even Bible commentaries, studies, and Audio Bibles.  There are Bible apps as well, like YouVersion for all phones.

Once you’ve read through the Bible, ask yourself, do I understand that I need a Savior to remove my sins?  Do I realize I’ve fallen short of the perfect requirement of God, just like the rest of humanity?  Do I understand that God is sovereign over my life, and I want him to be my personal God?

I could recommend many books for understanding the basics of Christian faith.  The Pilgrim’s Progress is a vital read for any Christian, available free online (updated language) PDFAlso available on Librivox as an audiobook.   Peace with God by Billy Graham is excellent.  Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray is available free in audio book format online at LibrivoxClick Here for a free book called “Steps to Christ” by Ellen G. White.  Free downloadable PDF and audiobook.  Still another good read is a book called The Deeper Christian Life by Andrew Murray.

If you’ve come to understand your need for Jesus Christ, go on your knees before God, and say a prayer similar to this: Father God of the Bible, I realize now that you’re real, your Bible is real, and your son Jesus Christ is real.  I admit to you Father that I’ve sinned against you, I confess my sins to you now, and I admit that I need a Savior.  You have provided that Savior.  I accept him Father, today I accept your son Jesus Christ, and his work on the cross as the necessary payment for all my sins, past, present, and future.  Please Father, cloth me in his righteousness.  Father God I acknowledge you as the sovereign Lord of my life, please grant me your Holy Spirit to guide me in my new life as a Christian.  Thank you so much Father, it’s in Jesus Christ name I pray this prayer, Amen. 

Then pursue that new life.  Find a good Bible believing church in your area.  Join a Bible study.  Read books on the Christian life.  Pray and pray a lot (half hour to 2 hours a day.)  Get involved in discipleship (training new Christians) and evangelism (telling non-believers about Jesus) as well.  Learn and grow as a Christian.  Establish a network of relationships with Christians in your area.  And live it my friend, live it.  Finish the journey strong, and live forever with your family of believers in the next phase of existence, after this life comes to an end.  May God bless you and keep you until then!

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