Interview with Author Beverly Preston


Give us a quick introduction on yourself and your book. I’m Beverly Preston, author of Amazon Best-seller No More Wasted Time. I’m happily married with four kids, three of which are in college. I love coffee and I’m addicted to my spin bike.

What inspired you to write your first book? A dream! Three years ago I awoke from a nightmare that my husband died and I was in Bora Bora scattering his ashes in the lagoon. That tiny fragment of a dream haunted me for a month, building into this story that wouldn’t rest. Eventually, I went to my daughter and told her that I had a great idea for a book. After listening to me ramble for an hour she said, “I love it! Go for it, Momma!” I started typing the next day and didn’t stop for a year and half.

Do you have a specific writing style? I would say my writing style is descriptive. I write in my own voice and keep it casual.

How did you come up with the title? The title No More Wasted Time came to me around 2:00am. I learned early on to keep notecards and pens beside my bed, in my car and next to my spin bike. I loved the title, so I wrote a scene around it.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? I believe in the motto, Everything happens for a reason. The entire Mathews / Clemmins Family series revolves around that concept.

How much of the book is realistic? If you take out the fact that Tom Clemmins is a wealthy A-list actor, he could be the hot guy who lives next door. I want my characters and their situations to be relatable.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? No. I draw inspiration from people that surround me, family, friends, and the airport is a great place to people watch. I also find inspiration from my passion for travel.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? I don’t think I can choose just one. I liken myself to a sponge and try to learn something from every author. Good and bad.

What book are you reading now? My to-be-read-list is full of great reads. I just finished reading my second Sable Hunter novel, Hot on Her Trail. I am currently reading The Submission of Alistair Ingram by Kelli Maine.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? I would need an entire page to list their names.

What are your current projects? I am working on Shayla’s Story. It is the second book in The Mathews / Clemmins Family series. Shayla is Tom Clemmins’ niece in No More Wasted Time.

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members. I find readers to be very loyal, but I have a huge support system through social media, Facebook in particular.

Do you see writing as a career? Yes. I spend anywhere from eight to twelve hours a day writing and promoting. By this time next year all four books in The Mathews / Clemmins Family series will be published.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? I wouldn’t change one thing. My novel steps outside the norm on several levels. The main characters are forty-four and forty-nine. No More Wasted Time will make you laugh, cry and be mad as hell, but it does not drag the characters through the mud. They’ve each been through life changing experiences and this book takes you on a passionate journey of their happenstance.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? I never imagined being a writer.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

EXCERPT ~ No More Wasted Time

When she reached Bloody Mary’s, several couples entered, but she didn’t see Tom. She paced back and forth outside. Should I wait outside or go in?


The deep sexy voice came from behind and she turned to see Tom leaning against a palm tree, looking more gorgeous than she thought humanly possible.

Hey.” She beamed, sauntering over to join him under the palm tree.

You look stunning.”

Thanks, handsome.” She scanned over his flip-flops, jeans and nice black shirt. “I hoped you would show,” she stammered anxiously.

He held her hands in his. “Before you say anything Tess, I need to ask you something, and I don’t want you to get upset with me. All right?”


Are you sure you’re ready for this? I mean, are you really ready to be with another man because this isn’t something I want you to regret later.”

She gazed into his dark eyes and considered his question. “Yes, I’m sure. I want to stay with you, for the rest of my trip.” She clarified with a slight nod.

His cocked his head to one side. “So if I told you right now, at this very moment, all of your belongings are being packed up and brought to another resort, you’d be okay with that?”

That depends. Are all of your things being packed up and taken to the same resort?” she questioned timidly.

Yes, whether you decide to stay with me or not. I sent my date home. I changed resorts and I’d like it if you’d stay with me.”

I’m sure.”

Are you hungry?”

Hungry for you. “Actually, I’m starving from all the snorkeling today.”

Do you have your heart set on eating here? I had something a little different in mind.”

Room service in bed? “Wherever you want to have dinner is fine with me.”

I was hoping you’d say that. I have a surprise for you.” Tom led her across the street to a boat dock. “After you.” He held his hand out to the side so she could step onto the boat before him.

Where are we going?”

I think you’ll like it.”

The Tahitian man introduced himself. “Ia Orana, I am Mr. Rene’s cousin. My name is Tayia.”

Ia Orana,” Tess said.

The boat skimmed across the lagoon, casting ripples through the reflection of the fiery sunset. Cool, moist spray tingled her warm face. She sat between Tom’s legs and leaned back against his chest. I haven’t done this in so long. I hope he’s a good lover. Please, please, please be good in bed. She glanced over her shoulder and he grinned at her. Crap! Is he sitting here wondering if I’m going to be a good lover? Tess sat up a little taller. Oh, I am definitely going to be good for him.

With every draw of breath, her chest lifted and lowered. Tom must’ve noticed her nervousness. He placed his palm over her heart. She felt the hint of his smile as he nuzzled her neck.

She inhaled the scent of his skin. “You smell delicious.”

Tom held her arm out to the side and lowered his nose to the inside of her elbow. “So do you.”

Her gaze drifted to his profile, watching as his eyes closed, taking in the scent of her perfume. The heat from his breath tickled her skin as his lips pressed against her arm. Tess’ lips parted and her tongue toyed with the corner of her mouth, wanting to taste his mouth.

The boat slowed, interrupting her gaze. Tess couldn’t believe what she saw as they pulled up to a deserted motu. “How did you do this?” she whispered in awe.

Tiki torches surrounded a lovely table set with a white tablecloth and a bouquet of flowers. The setting sun cast a glow on the white sand, turning it nearly pink. She held up her dress a little so it wouldn’t get wet, hopping off the boat.

Tom stood in the sand and wrapped his arms around her. “Do you like it?”

It’s beautiful.” She turned to face him, reaching her lips up to kiss his.

Not yet Tess, not yet,” he whispered in a teasing tone.

Slighted by Tom’s response, her eyes filled with disappointment.

Awe, don’t look at me like that.”

Her expression didn’t change, yearning to feel his lips.

His thumb coasted gently over her cheek. “Do you trust me? Hmm? I trusted you with the sharks. Remember? Will you trust me now?” He brushed his lips against her neck, causing goose bumps to cover her skin.

Yes, I remember. But-”

I assure you, I’ll make it worth the wait.” He toyed, whispering in her ear. “I promise I won’t disappoint you.”

She remembered how fantastic his hands felt. “I have no doubt.”


Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? The hardest part about writing for me is finding balance between family, writing and now marketing.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? I love Lisa Kleypas and fully admit to having a crush on Hardy Cates from her novel Blue-Eyed Devil. She has a way of pulling me right into her book as if she my best friend telling me her story over a glass of wine.

Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)? I don’t travel much other than a few conventions or workshops. I also attend local events and signings such as Diva’s Day Out and Art In The Park.

Who designed the covers? My daughter and I mocked up the image cover for No More Wasted Time before giving it over to my graphic designer.

What was the hardest part of writing your book? The hardest part of writing my first book was writing The End for the last time and praying others would love it as much as me. The most difficult thing for me in the entire process was finding the courage to be an indie author. I remember that defining moment when I thought, “Hey, I can do this!”

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? I’d been a Domestic Engineer for twenty years, raising four kids and building custom homes with my husband. Writing sparked a deep passion in me that I didn’t know existed until a few years ago. It’s been empowering for me personally to say the least.

Do you have any advice for other writers? Be a sponge. Search out and get involved in online or local writer’s groups. Find other writers and start a critique group. Research your options for publishing and make a plan. Listen to suggestions and advice from others and apply it to yourself and your specific situation. But above all, trust your gut and don’t give up!

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? You rock! I appreciate your readership and support. Image


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